PTFE hosePTFE hose As PTFE hoses are resistance to most chemicals, they can be used for chemical, pharmaceutical and food purposes between -77°C and +266°C. These hoses are FDA approved, USP Class VI, 3A sanitary, ATEX 94/9/EC Fire Resistance BS5173 certificated.
Manufacturer: AFLEX Hose Ltd.Aflex Hose Ltd.
Silicone hoseSilicone hose For fine chemicals, food and pharmaceutical purposes between -60°C and +200°C. These hoses are FDA and USP VI approved and meet the high hygiene standards of sterile plants.
Manufacturer: SAMCO Silicone Product Ltd.samco
Metal hosefem Suitable for conveying liquids and gases between -200°C and +600°C. These hose is flexible, fireprof, resistant to abrasion and to most chemicals.
Manufacturer: BALFLEX, AMNITECH.Balflex Amnitech Ltd.
Steam hosegoz EPDM hose with steel braid for steam systems.Maximum operating temerature is 210°C, the maximum pressure is 18 bar.
Manufacturer: IVG, MTG, BALFLEXBalflexMTGIVG
Chemical hosevegy Preserving the favourable properties of rubber hoses, these UPE-coated suction and discharge hoses provide increased resistance to chemicals. These hose are antistatic and ATEX certified.
Manufacturer: MTG, BALFEXMTGBalflex
Composite hosecomposite_v2 Highly flexible, lightweight hoses. Suitable for unloading oil derivatives and chemicals. Applicable between -30°C and +90°C up to 10 bar.
Air & water hoselevego Simple, inexpensive rubber hose for general purpose. Maximum pressure is 20 bar, maximum temeprature is 80°C. Can be delivered assembled or with bare ends.
Manufacturer: BALFLEXBalflex
PVC hosepvc_w Simple, inexpensive hose suitable for non-agressive media between -20°C and +60°C. We can provide food grade cerificate („NON-TOXIC”) if ordered.
Manufacturer: BALFLEXBalflex
Hose couplingstomlokapcsolo Wide range of fittings and connections available:
Kamlok, autolok, speciali kamlok, PTFE lined kamlok, triclamp, special triclamp, quick couplings, BOSS steam coupling, clamp, I-Line, tank truck coupling.

Manufacturer: Armaturen-Arndt, AFLEX Hose Ltd., LMC, CSE, SME, Alchem process
ARMATUREN-ARNDT GmbH SME CSE. RICHEN HARDWARE Co., Ltd. LMC-Couplings nv Alchem process Ltd.Aflex Hose Ltd.